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Survivorship SIG


The cancer survivorship phase has been defined as the period that begins at the time of a cancer diagnosis for the balance of life. As screening and diagnosis for cancer becomes more rigorous and as treatments become more precise and effective, people can expect to survive a cancer diagnosis. It is known, however, that the sequelae of treatment can leave an individual with multiple, complex and at times chronic needs. The mandate of health care providers involved in the care of these individuals is to identify and with the patient to manage these needs while teaching patients to become skilled at managing their own health care needs over time. This leads to higher levels of patient empowerment, satisfaction and self-activation.


The Survivorship SIG unites CANO-ACIO members and addresses the activities of nurses who practice, or have interest in cancer survivorship settings across Canada.


  • To share and compare nursing practice activities in Survivorship care.
  • To promote Cancer Survivorship as a specialty at the national level.
  • To inform SIG members of evidence-based resources and current research related to Cancer Survivorship.
  • To develop CANO-ACIO standards of practice and competencies for the specialty.
  • To provide a platform for SIG members to further develop nursing education and nursing research projects.
  • To provide a social network to unite nurses with an interest in Survivorship care across Canada and Internationally for the purpose of information sharing about survivorship practices.

For Membership Contact the Survivorship SIG Chair:

Robin Morash

All CANO-ACIO members who have an interest in Cancer Survivorship are welcome to join.

For more information about the Survivorship SIG, please click here to log in and visit our group page.

Last Updated: July 18, 2017

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