Survivorship Self-Learning Module

Adult Cancer SurvivorshipA Self Learning Resource for Nurses

The primary purpose of this resource manual is to develop and expand nurses’ knowledge in the care of the patients and families surviving cancer. As CANO/ACIO strives to support oncology nurses in maximizing positive outcomes in oncology care and treatment, this initiative is part of a larger framework of integrated communication initiatives, education programs, learning tools, awards, and research grants the association provides.

The goal of this new resource manual is to provide evidence-based knowledge that will increase awareness of the important role nurses play in cancer survivorship care, thus allowing nurses to facilitate a higher quality of care delivery to patients and families during survivorship. The resource will serve as a highly practical clinical resource for the nurse at the point of care.

Survivorship--Full Document


Survivorship--Unit 1--Adult Cancer Survivorship: What We Know

Survivorship--Unit 2--Models of Care for Follow-Up After Treatment for Canacer

Survivorship--Unit 3--Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

Survivorship--Unit 4--Living with the Risk of Recurrence

Survivorship--Unit 5--Complementary and Integrative Therapies

Survivorship--Unit 6--Relationships

Survivorship--Unit 7--Sexual Health

Survivorship--Unit 8--Psychosocial Health and Well-being

Survivorship--Unit 9--Returning to Work

Survivorship--Unit 10--Risk Reduction Activities

Survivorship--Unit 11--Resources and Tools


Last Updated: Jul 31, 2015

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