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CANO/ACIO Research Grants 2018

The Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology, Board of Directors and Research Committee members invite you to submit an application for an annual research grant. This year the CANO Board has allocated funds for two (2) research grants in the amount of $5,000.

Completed submissions must be electronically received at the CANO/ACIO Head Office by 5 pm (Pacific) on or before May 14, 2018.

Proposals received after that date will not be accepted. Successful recipients for the annual grants will be announced during the annual CANO/ACIO conference.

For eligibility and application instructions please view the following document:

To view a podcast on developing a budget for a small research grant, click here!

The CANO/ACIO Research Grants have been established in order to help build capacity for nursing research across Canada for oncology nurses. The establishment and continuation of such grants demonstrates how the Board of Directors in conjunction with members of the Research Committee is endorsing such nursing activities.

The primary goal of these research grants is to enable nurses to conduct research by providing support to develop a proposal in the early stages of a research project that will result in the conduct of research.

A Scientific Review Panel, at arms-length from the CANO/ACIO Research Committee (with the exception of the Panel Chair who will be a committee member) will conduct a peer-review of the received applications and adjudicate proposals based on established criteria and policies.

Please connect with CANO/ACIO head office at if you have any questions.


CANO/ACIO Head Office


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