CANO/ACIO supports nurses' efforts and achievements in Oncology Research. CANO/ACIO supports research award(s) annually. In addition, the association supports the Research committee with members appointed to serve two years (renewable once).


1. Support the CANO/ACIO Board strategic interests related to the advancement of evidence-informed practice, and the appropriate transfer of best evidence into the practice setting.
2. Promote engagement, consultation and collaboration among CANO/ACIO members in support of research-related activities.
3. Disseminate knowledge on the use of evidence, and on evidence-informed practice, including links to collaborative networks and relevant agencies.
4. Plan and coordinate workshops on research and research utilization for the annual CANO/ACIO conference.
5. Support the awards committee in conducting poster presentation evaluations at the annual CANO/ACIO conference.
6. Make suggestions for regular contributions to the "Reflections on Research" column of CONJ.
7. Develop and monitor mechanisms for optimizing connectivity and information exchange among CANO/ACIO members who have a research focus.
8. Provide research consultation when appropriate.

Terms of Reference


Christine Maheu, Director-at-Large for Research

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