Radiation SIG

Leadership (2018-2019)




Co-Chair Amber Killam akillam@toh.ca 
Co-Chair Renata Benc rbenc@jgh.mcgill.ca


Leadership (2017-2018)

What is radiotherapy? What happens to patients when they go to a radiotherapy department? What is the role of the specialized oncology nurse in radiation oncology? What are some of the issues patients face who receive concomitant chemo-radiotherapy treatment? How do nurses communicate about this?

The CANO SIG for Radiation Oncology was created to provide a forum for nurses who practice in this specialty. This SIG focuses on the specialized role and the challenges faced to provide nursing care in a setting that is predominantly technologically oriented.

The SIG was involved in the development of standards for the nurse's role, for patient care that is disease site specific, and to foster a collaborative approach to improve communication on patient care.

This SIG group provides a national forum for radiation oncology nurses to:

  • Exchange ideas, knowledge, and skills. (evidence based practice)
  • Identify, develop, and share tools and resources that support knowledge and skill in caring for patients and families with cancer.
  • Promote nursing care in radiation oncology at a national level
  • Promote networking across Canada with the goal of standardizing nursing care in radiation therapy.

Radiation SIG Resources for CANO/ACIO Members

Click here to access the CANO/ACIO members-only site to learn more about this special interest group, network with other nurses and share/access resources.


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