Radiation SIG
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Radiation SIG

Co-Chair: Renata Benc
Email: rbenc@jgh.mcgill.ca

Co-Chair: Amber Killam
Email: akillam@toh.ca

What is radiotherapy? What happens to patients when they go to a radiotherapy department? What is the role of the specialized oncology nurse in radiation oncology? What are some of the issues patients face who receive concomitant chemo-radiotherapy treatment? How do nurses communicate about this?

The CANO SIG for Radiation Oncology was created to provide a forum for nurses who practice in this specialty. This SIG focuses on the specialized role and the challenges faced to provide nursing care in a setting that is predominantly technologically oriented.

The SIG was involved in the development of standards for the nurse's role, for patient care that is disease site specific, and to foster a collaborative approach to improve communication on patient care.

This SIG group provides a national forum for radiation oncology nurses to:

  • Exchange ideas, knowledge, and skills. (evidence based practice)
  • Identify, develop, and share tools and resources that support knowledge and skill in caring for patients and families with cancer.
  • Promote nursing care in radiation oncology at a national level
  • Promote networking across Canada with the goal of standardizing nursing care in radiation therapy.

For more information about the Radiation SIG, please click here to log in and visit our group page.

Last Updated: Mar 2016

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