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CANO/ACIO Partnership with Canadian Nurses Association (CNA/AIIC)

CANO/ACIO is a member of the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties at CNA/AIIC. This committee includes a committed group of nurses who have joined one of 45 national associations in a specialized area of nursing.

CANO/ACIO Board of Directors and members participate in CNA/AIIC Network of Nursing Specialties activities as follows

  1. Partners with CNA’s/AIIC’s national nursing voice and influence policy
  2. Gives feedback on national policy
  3. Participates in CNA/AIIC Represent  CNAAIIC Certification Advisory Committee to enhance oncology specialty certification
  4. Participates in biennial general meetings
  5. Networks with other nursing specialties
  6. Represents CNA/AIIC on national committees
  7. Nominates candidates for CNA/AIIC president-elect, public representatives and CNA/AIIC awards
  8. Nominates and elect two network representatives to the CNA board

For more information on CNA/AICC, please click here.


CANO/ACIO has established memorandums of understanding (MOU) with organizations with shared goals that will help both organizations advance their mission, vision and values.

Our current MOUs are in partnership with:


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