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Welcome to the Ottawa-Champlain CANO/ACIO Chapter! We have a chapter membership of over 80 dedicated and compassionate oncology nurses, ranging from students with a special interest in oncology to expert specialized oncology nurses who work across the Champlain LHIN.

Our chapter mission is to foster nursing excellence in oncology for patients and families affected by cancer in the Ottawa-Champlain region by providing opportunities for our oncology nurses to connect, build a community of practice and increase their knowledge through the sharing of expertise.

We are always looking to recruit new members in our executive and subcommittees (see vacancies listed) and would like to recruit regional representatives to ensure we are engaging everyone in our chapter membership.

See our page's "Local Event Listing" for upcoming educational opportunities & social events.

For more information about the Ottawa-Champlain Chapter, please click here to log in and visit our Chapter page.

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Ottawa-Champlain CANO/ACIO Chapter Executive Members

Leadership (2018 - 2019)



President Janelle Desjardins
Vice-President Amber Killam
Treasurer Vicky Samuel
Secretary Sara Olivier

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