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Access to Quality and Free Education

Webinar Program
Members receive free access to live and archived webinars (worth $35 per registration). For a complete listing, see here.

Cancer Care Pocket Guide
The Cancer Care Pocket Guide is a valuable tool to provide general guidance on appropriate practice and to assist with decision-making of trained Registered Nurses (RNs). Request your free copy of the Cancer Care Pocket Guide here.

Members receive complimentary membership to Sosido. Sosido is an online knowledge sharing platform for professional healthcare associations and their members. It also serves as a discussion forum for posing questions to the national membership (research questions, practice questions, model of care questions, etc.)

CANO/ACIO National Conference and Local Meetings

Network with oncology nurses at local chapter meetings within your province and at the CANO/ACIO annual national conference. Members receive a registration discount of up to $140.

Certification in Oncology

CANO/ACIO and the de Souza Institute have formally collaborated to support oncology and hospice/palliative care nursing practice across Canada specially aimed at supporting CANO/ACIO members to achieve and maintain their specialty certification. CANO/ACIO members also may receive discounts on other de Souza Institute courses to enhance their knowledge and skills. For more information click here.

Earn Certification Hours

Members can claim 4 CON(C) hours per year simply by being a member of CANO/ACIO. Earn additional hours by becoming an active member of a CANO/ACIO Committee participating in a live webinar, and/or attending the CANO/ACIO annual nation conference. 


Hours per year

Maintain a CANO/ACIO membership

4 hours

Attend CANO/ACIO Annual Conference

Up to 6 hours per day attended (approx. 24 hours for full conference)

Serve on planning committee for specialty conference or executive of local chapter

Up to 25 hours

Attend a webinar

1 hour per webinar

Present at a provincial or national conference

Up to 10 hours for oral or poster

Submit a Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal article

15 hours


Support for Early-Career Professionals and Student Nurses

Undergraduate and graduate nursing students can enjoy a special welcome with a discounted or free* membership. Explore our online resources and webinars, several of which provide a foundational stream of knowledge for new to oncology nurses and LPNs/RPNs.

* full-time undergraduate students working toward their RN only

Networking and Leadership Development

Dialogue with nurses in your specialty practice area through special interest groups and chapter meetings.

Awards and Educational Grants

CANO/ACIO recognizes some of the outstanding achievements of Canadian oncology nurses through an awards program that is administered by the recognition of excellence committee and supported by a range of corporate sponsors. Awards and grants of up to $5,000 are presented in various categories. For more information click here.

Other Benefits of Membership

  • Subscription to the CANO/ACIO Newsflash
  • Access to Members Area of CANO/ACIO Website
  • CANO/ACIO Members are recognized as Individual Members of ISNCC and can benefit from Individual Member Benefits including member rates to attend the ISNCC conference

Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal (CONJ)

The Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal is a peer reviewed journal provided to members complete with stimulating articles, practice and association updates, book reviews and upcoming conferences. We are proud to offer this peer reviewed publication to support your work.

New in 2015, CONJ is available in electronic format! By making CONJ available online, we will be increasing the scope of the publication by reaching new readers. All members of CANO/ACIO will receive each issue in electronic format. Members are emailed each quarter when the new issue is ready.


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