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Leadership (2018-2019)




Co-Chair Janice Chobanuk cano@malachite-mgmt.com
Co-Chair Ruby Gida cano@malachite-mgmt.com


The Leadership Special Interest Group is being established to:

  • Create a platform for oncology nurse managers and leaders to informally and formally share information, raise important questions, share resources (position descriptions, service models, evaluation methods, tools such as lean/aim) research collaboration, and much more.
  • Connect oncology nurses with a common interest and passion for leadership across the country.
  • Craft a network for reducing the sense of isolation that is often experienced by leaders during challenging times.
  • Establish a network for innovative discussions and responses to the changing landscape of oncology including health promotion, treatment, survivorship/and or palliation.
  • Construct a virtual platform for mentoring and succession planning for future oncology nurses interested in leadership.

Leadership SIG Resources for CANO/ACIO Members

Click here to access the CANO/ACIO members-only site to learn more about this special interest group, network with other nurses and share/access resources.


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