Job Posting Guidelines


Title: Posting Employment Opportunities on the CANO/ACIO Website
Revised: February 2018
Title: Criteria for Posting Employment Opportunities on the CANO/ACIO Website
Purpose: To provide an opportunity for interested groups or organizations to post Oncology Nursing employment opportunities on the Website.

The following guidelines apply to all requests for postings:

  1. The employment opportunity must be related to Oncology Nursing in practice, education, administration or research.
  1. The request for posting will be accepted from any health related organization or group.
  1. The organizations/groups must provide the necessary contact information within the posting.
  1. The cost of posting an employment opportunity is $250.00 plus GST for a job posting on the CANO/ACIO website for 30 days, which includes one notice sent by e-mail to all CANO/ACIO members with a link to the job posting on the site.
  1. Job Postings will be posted to the appropriate language side(s) of the CANO/ACIO website in accordance with the language contained in the submission.
  1. CANO/ACIO will not be responsible for accepting any or all applications submitted for posting.
  1. Requests are to be submitted to the CANO/ACIO Head Office, then forwarded to the Communications Committee Chair or designate for approval for posting to the CANO/ACIO website.
  1. The CANO/ACIO Communications Committee Chair or designate will review the posting for appropriateness and clarity and give direction to the CANO/ACIO Head Office re the disposition of the request for posting.
  1. Requests not accepted for posting will be returned to the individual submitting the request.
  1. The CANO/ACIO Head Office will invoice the requesting organization/group/individual upon direction from the Web Site Committee Chair or designate. The job posting will be placed on the website by the CANO/ACIO Head Office upon receipt of funds or written notification that funding is being processed.

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