Immuno-Oncology Essentials for Oncology Nurses
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This is an enhanced program first launched for the CANO 2017 Annual Conference. Updates were made in response to audience feedback. 

This educational program addresses the rapidly evolving field of cancer immunotherapy. Each activity is designed to build on the previous, making it important to complete each step in order to increase the knowledge and clinical skills of oncology nurses related to the growing number of immuno-oncology agents approved in Canada to treat various cancers. In addition, participants will learn about patient empowerment principles and strategies.

This program aligns with CANO/ACIO’s mission to advance oncology nursing excellence and fosters practice standards and competencies allowing oncology nurses to use immune checkpoint inhibitors with greater confidence, ultimately providing better immuno-oncology care and support to their patients.

This educational program has three components: eLearning modules, an all-day interactive workshop (full), and access to slide decks, handouts, and teaching materials for both nurses and patients.

The goal of this workshop is to be able to teach patients and nurses the program. 

All activities are free of charge for CANO members and non-members.

Click here to access the program.

It is recommended that participants complete all of the online modules, and complete the brief pre/post-test and evaluation for each activity so that we may continue to update this program and respond to your needs.

Workshop registrants must complete all online modules before attending the all-day workshop. Members are asked to print out the Certificate of Completion as proof. 

Steering Committee

  • Charissa Cordon, RN, MN, EdD, CON(C) (2017-2018)
  • Nancy Gregorio, BScN, MN, OCN, CON(C) (2017-2018)
  • Sophie Burelle, RN, BScN, OIIQ member (2017-2018)
  • Denise Bryant-Lukosius, RN, PhD (2018)
  • Vanessa Bernstein, MSc, MD, FRCPC (2017)

The 2017 program was created through support from Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada.

The 2018 program has been supported by funds received from Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, and made possible through financial support by Merck. CANO/ACIO is solely accountable for the content associated with the project and certifies that all content has been developed without the influence of our funding partners.

The following individuals have given CANO/ACIO consent to be identified as I-O faciliators. Please contact CANO Head Office if you would like to contact any of them. 


Angela Boudreau
Sarah Champ
Daniel Downey
Alice Fortune
Gabriela Garcia
Nathalie Godin
Katherine Grant-Smith
Stephanie Healey
Heather Heitman
Heidi Holden
Eva Hucik
Nehmat Khairallah
Melanie Youngkyeong Kim
Linda Knapp 
Noreen Landrigan
Michelle Lawless
Jillian Lindstrand
Tanya MacDonald
Jenna McDougall
Donna Nelson
Katlyn Norris
Stephanie Ouellette
Brittany Rodger
Rhodelle Taylor
Alisha Tyacke
Rosemarie Woloshyn
Rui Zhang 



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