Hematology/BMT SIG
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Leadership (2018-2019)




Co-Chair Kari Kolm cano@malachite.mgmt.com
Co-Chair Kristine Leach cano@malachite.mgmt.com

As a team we plan to increase membership and interest in the areas of hematology and blood and marrow transplant. This invitation is extended to all CANO/ACIO members. If you are interested in either specialty and have a desire to increase your knowledge through reading and attending regular online activities and SIG meetings, then contact cano@malachite-mgmt.com.

Our group would like to meet to share knowledge, experience, and updates in our different practice settings.

Our webpage is continually evolving. Currently there are articles of interest, narratives, and meeting information posted for your viewing. A quarterly newsletter is posted highlighting research, education, leadership, and clinical practice issues in hematology and BMT. We would also like to hear of any hematology and BMT related events happening in your area that you would like us to post to increase involvement.

We further ask if you are able to send any of your hematology and BMT RN colleagues an invitation to join CANO/ACIO and the SIG. We welcome their interest and membership as well. We are open to new ideas of how the SIG would best benefit the members so feel free send your ideas in to the above email.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Hematology/BMT SIG Resources for CANO/ACIO Members

Click here to access the CANO/ACIO members-only site to learn more about joining this special interest group, networking with other nurses and sharing/accessing resources.


Last Updated: March 27, 2019

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