Gynecologic Oncology
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Gynecologic Oncology SIG

Co-Chair: Janet Giroux

Co-Chair: Joanne Power

DEVELOPED: December, 2009


  • To provide a national networking opportunity for oncology nurses interested in gynecological cancer care.
  • To provide a forum for nurses to exchange innovations, knowledge, and skills related to the specialty.
  • To incorporate CANO standards of practice in the groups initiatives.
  • To initiate projects for the specialty, this will be driven by issues and needs identified by our members.
  • To explore opportunities to collaborate with members of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology of Canada in quality initiatives.
  • To continually strive to enhance patient care with advancement of knowledge through the sharing and dissemination of research and education in area of gynecological cancer care.

For more information about the Gynecologic Oncology SIG, please click here to log in and visit our group page.

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015

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