Complementary Medicine

Leadership (2018-2019)




Chair Cody Watling
Do you ever wonder how best to support cancer patients in making safe and informed decisions about complementary medicine? Do you have knowledge and skills related to complementary medicine and cancer that you would like to share with others? Do you wish there were others to talk to about the integration of complementary medicine into cancer care in Canada? The CANO/ACIO Complementary Medicine (CAM) Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a national forum for oncology nurses to:
  • exchange ideas, knowledge, and skills related to CAM
  • promote basic CAM information, education and decision support as part of oncology nursing
  • articulate and promote standards for the integration of evidence-informed CAM into oncology nursing care
  • articulate and promote a national CAM curriculum for oncology nursing education

Membership benefits include professional identification and networking with like-minded colleagues, development of one's own competencies related to CAM and cancer, opportunities to participate in national education and research projects relating to CAM and cancer, and helping to influence the culture of cancer care in Canada that includes CAM.

Join the CANO/ACIO CAM SIG and be a part of addressing a gap in care that is important for both patients and health professionals!

Complementary Medicine SIG Resources for CANO/ACIO Members

Click here to access the CANO/ACIO members-only site to learn more about joining this special interest group, networking with other nurses and sharing/accessing resources.


Last Updated: March 27, 2019

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