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CNA Certification

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CANO/ACIO is committed to demonstrating the value of certified Oncology nurses. Take advantage of study group opportunities! New members certified in Oncology nursing will receive a 25% CANO/ACIO membership registration discount!

As a CANO/ACIO member you accumulate hours that contribute to CON(C) re-certification (100 hours/5 years)



Maintaining a CANO/ACIO membership

4 hours per year

CANO/ACIO Annual Conference

Claim up to 6 hours per day attended

Serving on the planning committee for a specialty conference or on the executive of the association for your area of nursing practice

Claim up to 25 CL hours for this activity

Attending a webinar

1 hour per webinar

Presentations to a provincial or national conference

Claim up to 10 CL hours for oral or poster

Writing a CONJ article

15 hours

CNA Infographics

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Click here for the CNA Certification Brochure
Cliquez ici pour la brochure de certification de l'AIIC

For more information, visit the continuous learning page on the CNA Nurse One website.

The benefits of being certified:

  • Confirms the currency of your knowledge in oncology nursing as a specialty
  • Demonstrates sincere commitment to the profession and oncology nursing
  • Shows desire to challenge skills and knowledge at the national level
  • Prepares you for positions of greater responsibility
  • Increases credibility and marketability and recognition to the public, peers and other health care professionals
  • Includes nurses in a country wide community of nurses committed to nursing excellence and continuing competence

To learn more about CON(C) certification and for a list of important dates in 2018-2019, please click here (ENG) & here (FR).

For further information visit CNA's website at www.cna-aiic.ca (all forms are available for downloading)

Or telephone CNA at 1-800-450-5206

Last Updated: August 15, 2018

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