Cancer Care Pocket Guide

The Cancer Care Pocket Guide is a valuable tool to provide general guidance on appropriate practice and to assist with decision-making of trained Registered Nurses (RNs).

Cancer Care Pocket Guide Update

We are pleased to announce that the Nurses’ Cancer Care Pocket Guide has been updated and the 2019 version will soon be launched. The revised guide will include updated treatment information and assessment guides for ImmunoOncology, Palliative Care, Radiation Side Effects and more. In honour of Oncology Nursing Day, every CANO member will receive a print copy of the updated Guide in the mail in the weeks following OND 2019. 

You must be a 2019 CANO member on or before April 5, 2019 to receive the Guide in this way. Please ensure that your mailing address in your membership profile is accurate and up to date.

We wish to thank Teva Oncology Canada for supporting the 2019 update to this Guide and making this print copy possible.

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Additional print copies of the guide will be available for order after OND.


This guide is being used and has been adapted with permission from Alberta Health Services, and has been modified by the CANO/ACIO educational committee and the professional practice committee.

Renata Benc 
Colleen Campbell
Sarah Champ
Kira Cooksley
Charissa Cordon
Marcia Flynn-Post 
Stephanie Healey
Shauna Houshmand
Barbara Hues  
Jodi Hyman  
Kara Jamieson
Lynne Jolicoeur 
Amber Killam 
Meighan Kozlowski
Allyson Nowell
Bernadine O'Leary
Cheryl Page
Karyn Perry
Janny Proba
Krista Rawson
Michelle Rosentreter
Liz Ross
Gisele Sarbacher  
Joy Tarasuk  
Suganya Vadivelu
Linda Watson
Dave Whiteside 


Last Updated: March 20, 2019


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