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Group Page Functions and Features: How-To Guide

If you are in a Committee, Working Group, Special Interest Group, or a subdivision thereof, Group Pages are where you can communicate and collaborate with your group members.

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 Group Member Functions and Features

 The Group Pages (used by Committees, Working Groups, Special Interest Groups, Task Forces, and Sub-Committees) offer a comprehensive variety of features to Group Members.

Each group has its own forum accessible only to group members. How these forums and the general forum work is important to understand.
Important: Head Office 'subscribes' you to your Group Forum upon joining. This means you will receive a notification whenever a new topic is posted. However if you want to receive notifications for replies to an individual topic you must "subscribe" to that topic. This feature may require getting used to but is useful, particularly on the General Forum, as it will greatly reduce unwanted notifications to topics that may not pertain to you.

 Click here to adjust your subscriptions (turn off, or condense into weekly updates).

The forums are a great medium to collaborate on documents, post interesting files/documents/links, or discuss topics pertinent to your group.

File Library:
Each group has a "Group Page” with a File Library. This is where more permanent/longstanding documents should be housed. All group members can post documents here but it will be moderated by your Group Administrator to keep it focused and not cluttered. Documents in transition or of lesser importance can be posted on the forums.


Group administrators can create events for the group (such as teleconferences) and provide detailed write ups and documents in their descriptions. They can choose for a notification to be sent to all Group members when it is created and if they would like Members to RSVP.

 Group Directory:

You can find a clickable list of Group Members who you can private message, "Connect” with, or instant message if they are online.

Options -> Email/Message All Group Members:

You can email or message all members of your group.

News Feed:
The News Feed is automatically populated with activities that occur within the group. You can also post messages to be seen on the home page, but keep in mind that they may be pushed down out of view as other events occur. The Forums or a group message could perhaps be a more appropriate vehicle for your message.

Viewable under "Group Admin Options”

Administrators can moderate the forums and create new forums for the group to use for back-and-forth discussion. Why use forums? All your discussion and attachments remain as part of the site and are completely searchable by other members of your group.

Group Member Management
Go to Group Admin Options/Member Management/View Current Members.  Here you will see your group members listed with a link beside each name to 'Remove from Group'.  If a member's term has expired or if the member has quit the group, you may remove them from the roster using this link.

To ADD a new member, use the drop-down list in the top part of the page to select 'Entire Community', then enter a first or last name and click search.  Choose from the resulting list and click 'ADD MEMBER'.

Mass Email or Messaging
Communicate with your group using the Email or Message features. As always your email may contain attachments, rich text, images, tables or any other content.

Custom Pages:
Group admins can create custom pages if they wish. You can add tables, text, images, videos or File Collections (discussed below).

File Collections:
You can create File Collections. These may be open to all group members so that they can add documents or the collection may be locked and serve as an archive only. Once the File Library is created it is housed in a Custom Page so that members can view it.

Administrators can create, edit, and delete one time or recurring events (such as teleconferences) for members. These can be as simple as a teleconference or series of meetings but may also serve as registration systems for in-person meetings where information must be gathered at registration.

Upon creating an Event the administrator can choose whether or not to send a notification out to all group members.

The Calendar may also contain 'Dates' that serve as upcoming reminders or highlights relevant to group members.  These do not have the functionality of an Event listing but provide information as well as a Calendar link.

Resource Manager:

This is NOT a File Library and files uploaded to the Resource Manager will not be directly viewable by Group members. Files uploaded to the Resource Manager may later be added to custom pages or content sections of pages such as the Event Description.

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