Past Nurse of the Year Awards
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Congratulations to the 2015 Nurse of the Year!

From left to right: Tim Brown, Boehringer Ingelheim Representative, Wayne Enders, 2015 Nurse of the Year, Lorraine Martelli, Chair of the CANO/ACIO Recognition of Excellence Committee

In October 6, 2015 Mr. Wayne Enders was announced as the winner of the fourth annual Boeringer Ingelheim oncology nurse of the year award at the CANO/ACIO annual awards ceremony held in Toronto.

Wayne currently holds the position of Alberta Health Services Cancer Care Provincial Clinical Nurse in Community Oncology. He has given numerous guest lectures on cancer care since 1998. Wayne began his career in Oncology as part of the Community Oncology team in 1996, where he quickly became an influential leader within the team. Wayne has held a variety of roles including front line nurse, manager and educator. In each of these roles, his dedication and compassion has positively impacted the patients and families he has cared for. In 2006 he accepted a role as a Clinical Nurse Educator in Community Oncology where he has been instrumental in mentoring and developing new nurses into competent, compassionate, specialized oncology nurses.

Over the past year, Wayne has taken a leadership role in the establishment of a standardized nursing curriculum for Cancer Control nurses across Alberta. In addition, Wayne has been a tireless advocate for the development and implementation of minimum practice guidelines for Oncology Nurses in Alberta, which were presented at the CANO conference in 2014. Under his leadership and mentorship, the Community Oncology nurse education program has flourished from a single educator to a team of six Clinical Nurse Educators operating under a standardized clinical education program. Wayne has impacted the lives of countless patients and families and played a significant role in the training and development of hundreds of community oncology nurses. Wayne’s commitment to community oncology was evidenced when he took on the role of acting Ambulatory Care Manager along with his educator role. He did this in an effort to keep community cancer care functional and so that patients could continue to be seen and treated close to their homes. Despite the heavy responsibility of two roles he continued to maintain the highest level of patient care. He is a excellent communicator, and advocate for patients and their families not infrequently rising to the myriad challenges facing delivery of community oncology to make practical changes. Wayne leads by example. He exemplifies a commitment to lifelong improvement of nursing care delivery for oncology patients.

Wayne’s adheres to the following personal philosophy on nursing as a profession: In order to attract bright ambitious people to our profession, to maintain the highest standards for patient care as well as research and development of the nursing profession and most important to ensure that the patient always comes first we must care for them holistically with compassion, respect and dignity to the best of our ability within the constraints placed upon us whatever they may be. As individual nurses, we must acknowledge our strengths and limitations, continually strive to maintain and improve our knowledge and skills while always keeping in the forefront, the need to attend to those under your care, as you wish to be cared for, when you become a patient and someday you will be a patient.

When not working in community oncology Wayne finds time to rebuild classic cars, enjoys woodworking golfing, camping and boating. He is the proud parent of 3 adult children and somehow found the time, alongside his wife to add in a little farming – they raised cattle for 10 years!

Wayne is seen by his colleagues as approachable, humble and compassionate; a ready smile and dry humor ever present. As one nominator stated, Wayne is so well respected by some of his colleagues that they use his name as their password! Wayne will be retiring in February of 2016 after a distinguished 40 year career.

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Congratulations to the 2014 Nurse of the Year!

From left to right: Jean Paradis, Boehringer Ingelheim Representative, Irène Leboef, 2014 Nurse of the Year, Lorraine Martelli, Chair of the CANO/ACIO Recognition of Excellence Committee

In October 28, 2014 Ms. Irène Leboeuf was announced as the winner of the third annual Boeringer Ingelheim oncology nurse of the year award at the CANO/ACIO annual awards ceremony held in Quebec City.

Irène Leboeuf has held the position of Specialized Care Advisor - Oncology at the University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CHUM) since 2009. More specifically, she is a member of the interdisciplinary teams that support patients with colorectal, hepatobiliary, and pancreatic cancer, and their families. Previously, she worked in pediatric oncology and in neuroscience nursing, including surgery, intensive care, and neuro-oncology. She holds a Master’s in nursing sciences from the University of Montreal and Canadian certification in oncology nursing.

Her area of interest concerns the development of nursing practice with respect to psychosocial aspects across the entire cancer care continuum, and aspects associated with cancer surgery.

In addition to providing direct care to clients, she participated in client support activities such as a neuro-oncology support group and coffee meetings for the parents of children hospitalized in the pediatric unit. Through these experiences, she grasped the full importance of the support provided to families, and observed the impact on their well-being and level of satisfaction with the care provided.

She also has experience in university-level teaching, graduate student supervision, coaching, and professional development for nurses on the family systems nursing approach.

She was the principal investigator or co-investigator in nursing research leading to a description of “The contribution of the pivot nurse in oncology to the experience of receiving a diagnosis of cancer by the patient and their loved ones” and “L’expérience des familles dont l’enfant doit subir une greffe de cellules souches hématopoïétiques” [The experience of families with a child who must undergo an hematopoietic stem cell transplant]. She made it a priority to develop rigorous continuing improvement projects in order to identify the needs and satisfaction level of clients on a variety of subjects, and thereby better meet their needs. One of the projects consisted of putting in place a program to achieve early recovery after colorectal surgery. In addition, she collaborated on research conducted by University of Montreal researchers on two components. The first component concerns the transfer of knowledge about the family systems nursing approach. The second component describes the development process of a web portal for oncology knowledge transfer: Réseau infirmier, un partenaire de soins (RIUPS) [Nursing Network, a Partner in Care].

Ms. Irène Leboeuf is the head of the education committee of the Association québécoise des infirmières en oncologie [Quebec Association of Oncology Nurses] (AQIO, a division of CANO), and of the study group for Canadian certification in oncology at CHUM. She also belongs to the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). In the past, she has been a member of the following: the Oncology Nurses Advisory Group – Quebec Cancer Control Branch; the Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses (APHON); and finally, the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP). She has also received two awards, namely the Brain Tumour Foundation Award (2000), and the Codman Award (1998) presented by the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (CANN).

Finally, throughout her career, Ms. Leboeuf has been a participant as well as a presenter (oral and poster sessions) at many international, national, and local conferences. To date, she has seven publications in scientific journals.


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Congratulations to the 2013 Nurse of the Year!

(L to R) Tracey Truant (CANO/ACIO Vice-President), Pradeep Nair (PhD, Medical Science Liaison, Oncology, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd), Jodi Hyman, Mary Lisa Sheridan (Senior Brand Manager, Oncology, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd)

On October 21st 2013 Ms. Jodi Hyman was announced as the winner of the second annual Boehringer Ingelheim Oncology Nurse of the Year Award, at the CANO/ACIO annual awards ceremony held in Vancouver BC.

Jodi Hyman is the Nurse Educator of Community Cancer Programs Network with CancerCare Manitoba in Winnipeg, where she is responsible for the assessment, planning, development, implementation, evaluation and coordination of educational programs. In that position, she provides all new CCP Nurses hired within Manitoba with a three week 1-on-1 orientation to systemic therapy and the care of people affected by cancer. Over the past 18 years she has held a variety of oncology nursing positions and has tirelessly merged her own clinical practice with direct care, educating other nurses, and initiating and creating programs to help improve the cancer patient journey. Ms. Hyman has a Bachelor of Science in Cancer Nursing from the Institute of Cancer Research, University of Manchester, in addition to a Diploma in Nursing from St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ms. Hyman holds Canadian Certification in Oncology Nursing and is current Vice President and member of Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology, Manitoba Chapter, and member of Oncology Nursing Society & Chemotherapy Special Interest Group. Throughout her career, Ms. Hyman has attended a variety of international conferences and has presented seven poster presentations, oral communications and publications at conferences since 2005.

You may view the presentation of the award and Ms. Hyman’s acceptance speech online (at the 25" mark) by clicking the image below.

2013 Award Media Coverage

“Winnipeg oncology nurse named best in country for dedication to patients”, Winnipeg Free Press and Brandon Sun, October 20, 2013

Global Winnipeg, Morning News, October 25, 2013

Radio Canada Segment, October 25, 2013

CBC Radio One Winnipeg Segment, October 20, 2013

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