Awards of Excellence

With the generous support of Pfizer, CANO/ACIO offers an awards program for oncology nurses to recognize excellence in the areas of practice, education, research, and leadership. Each award consists of an honorarium, and is presented at the annual conference. CANO/ACIO members are encouraged to nominate their colleagues who demonstrate excellence and leadership in oncology nursing.

Award of Excellence in Nursing Clinical Practice

  • This award is presented to a nurse who:
    • Demonstrates leadership in the development of oncology patient care
    • Has significant contributions to the improvement of oncology patient care at the agency, community, provincial or national level
    • Utilizes and clearly articulates current research and theory applicable to cancer nursing
    • Encourages creative approaches to patient care
    • Encourages development, implementation and evaluation of changes in nursing practice as well as developing professionally as an individual
    • Possesses the ability to act as a change agent in nursing practice (e.g. congenial, supportive, energetic, and enthusiastic

Award of Excellence in Nursing Education

  • This award is presented to a nurse who:
    • Has been involved in the development and promotion of an oncology nursing educational activity during the past 24 months related to nursing practice
    • Uses creative teaching ideas to facilitate learning
    • Demonstrates competency in applying teaching-learning theories to the development, implementation, and evaluation of oncology nursing educational experiences
    • Assumes responsibility for personal professional development in oncology nursing education
    • Continues clinical involvement on which to base education development

Award of Excellence in Nursing Research

  • This award is presented to a nurse who(se):
    • Research has a clinical focus and demonstrated practical application
    • Has created or maintains a program in which new research findings are shared among oncology nurses
    • Influences the development of research-based nursing practice

Award of Excellence in Nursing Leadership

  • This award is presented to a nurse who:
    • Demonstrates administrative leadership by facilitating or supporting the development and/or enhancement of oncology programs at the agency, community, provincial, or national level
    • Is actively involved in strategic planning and evaluation of oncology services
    • Networks with oncology nurses across regions to share experiences and ensure a minimum standard of care is being met
    • Keeps abreast of current oncology nursing research and trends in health care, and helps disseminate this information to fellow oncology nurses
    • Participates in interdisciplinary committee work
    • Consistently demonstrates effective interpersonal skills

CANO/ACIO-Amgen Award for Innovation in Oncology Patient and Family Education

Sponsored by:

This award recognizes oncology nurses whose primary function is patient and family care and who have demonstrated creativity in the development of patient education materials, programs, or the delivery of patient education. The award consists of an honorarium, flight, and lodging for the CANO/ACIO annual conference. Please note: If a team is nominated and selected for this award, flight and lodging will be provided for only one member of the team to attend the conference and accept the award on behalf of their team.

CANO/ACIO Award of Excellence in Kidney Cancer Nursing


This award, sponsored by Kidney Cancer Canada in honour of its co-founder Tony Clark, acknowledges an individual or group of CANO/ACIO members who have made an exceptional difference to the lives of kidney cancer patients.
Tony was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2004 and throughout his cancer journey was focused on living life and advocating for educational resources and support for other kidney cancer patients and their caregivers.

Nominations should describe how the nominee (at least two of the following):
  • Demonstrates the importance of the nurse/patient relationship
  • Demonstrates nursing leadership through clinical practice and advocates for improved patient care
  • Mentors fellow nurses in the area of kidney cancer management
  • Utilizes current oncology nursing research and theory or conducts research that has a clinical focus and practical application for patients with kidney cancer
  • Has developed or promotes patient education materials that address symptom management or treatment-related side effects, and thus improvement of quality of life

Lymphoma Canada Award of Excellence in Honour of Estéphanie Jemus-Gonzales


This award, sponsored by Lymphoma Canada in honour of Estéphanie Jemus-Gonzales, recognizes a CANO/ACIO member whose actions support the concept of patient advocacy and decision making, or who promotes change within the oncology/hematology communities.
This award will be given to a nurse who advocates for patients, or supports patients in advocating for themselves. Nominations should describe how the nominee (at least two of the following):
  • Has developed a resource or program which helps to improve oncology/hematology patient care at the agency, community, provincial or national level
  • Has acted as an agent of change for patients diagnosed with cancer or hematologic conditions
  • Demonstrates leadership by developing, supporting or facilitating initiatives that improve patient outcomes
  • Develops, leads, or facilitates a patient/caregiver support group
  • Counsels patients/caregivers regarding treatment decision-making
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills and exceptional compassion for patients undergoing treatment
  • Demonstrates recognition of the unique social and psychological needs presented by hematology/oncology patients


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