CANO/ACIO 2017-2019 Strategic Plan


We are excited to share CANO/ACIO’s Strategic Plan for 2017-19. As a national member driven organization that supports Canadian nurses to deliver excellence in oncology nursing practice, education, research and leadership, every three years CANO/ACIO undertakes the work required to create a new strategic plan.  This ensures the actions of the organization are in step with current issues in health care, are informed by the voices of our members and remain aligned with our Vision and Mission.

Our members are our reason for being, their needs are our core mandate.  The four strategic priorities laid out in this plan are inherently about our members, and CANO/ACIO’s efforts to support excellence in oncology nursing practice, education, research and leadership.  The activities outlined in this plan will build on CANO/ACIO’s current strengths and catalyze our ability to enhance excellence in oncology nursing practice.  The full strategic plan and associated in depth action plan is in its final stages of development, but we wanted to share an overview of the four strategic priorities and the high level action plans for each priority area. 


Priority # 1

As a member driven organization that represents the specialty area of oncology nursing, CANO/ACIO will continue to focus on serving needs identified by its members and the larger oncology nursing community. In doing so, our membership base will grow by retaining existing members and attracting new members.


Priority # 2

Supporting nurses to achieve and maintain specialized knowledge and skill in oncology is a key function of CANO/ACIO.  This is one way in which we create value for our members and attract new members. CANO/ACIO recognizes the benefits of specialized oncology nursing care for patients, families and communities, and therefore strives to share meaningful resources and learning opportunities to support oncology nurses to contribute to high quality cancer care environments and excellent patient care.



Priority #3

As a national organization representing nurses in a variety of roles and organizational settings who care for patients with cancer, CANO/ACIO aims to provide a strong, collective voice for oncology nursing in Canada and beyond.  CANO/ACIO believes that Canadians living with cancer should have access to oncology nursing care, as part of a high quality cancer care system and will actively advocate for the same.  CANO/ACIO also aims to develop leadership capacity within CANO/ACIO members, empowering them to advance oncology nursing practice and transform cancer care environments.


Priority #4

As an organization that continues to grow its programs, resources, and influence, CANO/ACIO will focus on optimizing capacity for growth and demonstrating its impact through improved processes and measurable outcomes.  As a member driven organization, CANO/ACIO recognizes its responsibility to optimize the functioning of the organization to ensure maximum return on investment for members.



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