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Oncology Nursing Day is coming!


Join us in celebrating our 10th Annual Oncology Nursing Day on Tuesday April 2nd, 2013.

Our theme this year: "Oncology Nurses: Inspiring Change" / "Les infirmières en oncologie: inspirer le changement"


After the great success of last year’s "Flash Mob” across the country, and enthusiasm from our membership, we will repeat this exciting event again.

This year’s song for the "Flash Mob” is Safe and Sound by Capital Cities.

Flash Mob Choreography now available! Please click here to see our 2013 choreography on our YouTube platform!

We encourage you to record your event and upload the video immediately to our YouTube platform in a specific format. Our goal with this event would be to have rolling flash mobs across the country at a specified time in each city.



Purchase items to promote OND through the CANO/ACIO Online Store!
See below our list of promotional items to promote your special event:

  • Pen 
  • OND Pin
  • Water bottle
  • Highlighter (will have CANO/ACIO logo)
  • USB drive bracelet – 4GB (will have CANO/ACIO logo)

As always, we are offering the following complimentary items:

  • Poster promoting CANO/ACIO 2013 Annual Conference
  • Postcard - English or French - promoting CANO/ACIO 2013 Annual Conference
  • Membership brochure - English or French

 If you prefer, download the hard-copy order form for faxing!

To help you promote this event, download the 2013 OND poster:



Continuing this year, we are pleased to offer the CANO/ACIO Oncology Day Planning and Promotion Guide to provide you with ideas on how you can work to organize events and promote OND within your hospital. You will find a list of possible events to organize as well as what was done last year for the OND 2012.

The CANO/ACIO OND and Promotion Guide is available in English and French, please click on the version you want to download:



Let us know what event you plan in your Chapter! Please fill in this form and send it back to us. We will promote your OND activities on Oncology Nursing Day and your CANO/ACIO webpage!

Feel free to contact us at cano@malachite-mgmt.com if you would like any further information on OND 2013!



Each year, cities and provinces across the country formally issue "Oncology Nursing Day” proclamations.

For OND 2012, we received mayoral proclamations from seventeen cities across Canada. Furthermore the provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Saskatchewan proclaimed April 3, 2012 as Oncology nursing day in their respective provinces.  

CANO/ACIO Head Office already contacted several city for 2013: Brampton, Brandon, Calgary, Charlotte town, Chicoutimi, Delta, Drummond ville, Fredericton,Gatineau, Halifax, Hamilton, Joliette, Kelowna, Kingston, Kitchener, Lethbridge, London, Medicine Hat, Mississauga, Moncton, Ottawa, Prince Albert, Red Deer, Regina, Rimouski, Saint John, Shawinigan, Sherbrooke, St. John's, Sydney, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Trois-Rivières and Vancouver.

So far, we received 11 City proclamations

Nurses will attend Brampton City Council on March 27 at 1pm and St John's City Council on April 1st at 4:30pm to receive the proclamation.

If you would like help to get a proclamation for your city, please email Alexandra Limousin, Project Manager at the CANO/ACIO Management Office: alexandra.limousin@malachite-mgmt.com

Prince Edward Island, BC and New Brunswick already proclaimed April 2, 2013 as Oncology Nursing Day in the province. We are excited to receive Manitoba, New Foundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia proclamations soon.


We need your help and your commitment to get a story from each chapter!

We are seeking your assistance in soliciting and submitting oncology nursing success stories. Our goal is to collect at least one or two stories from each chapter of CANO/ACIO or hospital where members of CANO/ACIO work.
Oncology nursing success stories can come in many forms. We would like to have personal and relatable stories. Specifically we are looking for success stories that cover the gamut of oncology nursing roles, with specific examples that show nurses interacting with the public (e.g. patients, patient families) and other health practitioners. Stories can be about oneself, or a colleague.
To help identify oncology nursing success stories, we kindly ask you to submit short written stories that satisfy one or more of the following sentence options:

•"I am an oncology nurse with a remarkable (rewarding, memorable)....."
•"...inpatient success story."
• "...oncology unit success story."
•"...transplant unit success story."
• "...screening program success story."
• "...advanced clinical practice success story."
• "...educational success story."
• "...research success story."
• "...scholarly success story."
• "...organizational leadership success story.

To submit your story, or a story about a colleague, we kindly ask that you provide the following to Alexandra Limousin, Project Manager at the CANO/ACIO Management Office at alexandra.limousin@malachite-mgmt.com as soon as possible.

The story should include:
• Name
• Home municipality
• Name of workplace facility
• Nursing role or title
• Story: maximum 250 words (please refrain from using identifiable information about 3rd parties in your story)
• Recent head-shot or workplace photo (as large or high resolution as possible)

We thank you for stories submitted, and wish to inform you that by submitting stories and photos, members are granting permission to CANO/ACIO and its agents to reproduce their image, name and story for all purposes, without compensation.

We need your help in selecting a nurse for OND (CANO/ACIO member), who best exemplifies the theme this year. The winner’s bio and photograph will be submitted for inclusion in the next Connections Newsletter.
Could I please kindly ask for your feedback as soon as possible?

Please feel free to contact Alexandra Limousin if you have any further questions regarding Oncology Nursing Day 2013: alexandra.limousin@malachite-mgmt.com

We wish you a great Oncology Nursing Day event!

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